Safe & Circular by Design: Making Healthy Material Choices

Designers play an essential role in the materials selection for products made with the circular economy in mind. While circular design comes in many forms, not all materials are fit for a circular economy because they contain substances or chemicals of concern, for example, pollutants that are potentially hazardous for humans and/or the environment. 

Substances of concern are usually used for performance reasons, such as colouring or to enhance a material’s flexibility, but there are ways to design them out. To help designers become better equipped to make positive materials choices, and ensure their work promotes a safe, circular economy, the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation are working together to provide resources and support.



In co-creation with design professionals, four new methods about Safe & Circular Material Choices will be developed which aim to make information on material health and safety accessible in a user-friendly way. It will not only help designers to rethink their material decisions but also consider the whole system around the product.



In this webinar, we’ll ask experts from industry and design professionals to give their take on the role of designers in the development of safe & circular design. What types of skills and knowledge are required from designers to make material choices that are not only circular but also able to circulate without harming humans or the environment?

You’ll be able to ask questions on Twitter or through a comment thread during the live webinar.

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