Gain insight around circular design solutions as well as a deeper understanding of how you can shift from linear to circular thinking.

Get inspired by looking at categories outside of your sector.

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Understand how to design for the circular economy

Understand Circular Flows

flows feedback nature basics economy biomimicry loops diagram


Explore opportunities for social, cultural, natural, and human capital

Regenerative Thinking

plastic flow bottle thinking linear cards value chain supply


Shift your thinking from products to services through underlying needs

Service Flip

service product sharing thinking circular exercise beginner easy game


Understand the implication of materials that go into everyday products

Insides Out

plastic exercise practical tear down electronic waste modular plastic


Be inspired by agile processes in software development

Inspiration: Digital Systems

tech technology inspiration agile systems digital


Be inspired by how nature might solve your design challenge

Learn from Nature

nature flows inspiration biological analogous plastic

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